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Apparel Production

Design | Development

At Den Apparel, we pride ourselves on having the design experience and manufacturing capabilities to help brands expand both in size, and quality. We provide on-demand development services to ensure your products are created to your exact specifications and are ready for worldwide release. We specialize in helping companies actualize long-term growth strategies in emerging markets, and offer new fabrics and fresh ideas to stay ahead of developing trends. Our seasonal collections can be customized with up to four themes per order, and we invite you to view our website and social media accounts to see our past projects in exquisite detail. Contact us today for exclusive samples and to begin our streamlined development process.


Fabric | Trim | Wash | Print

Embellishment Sourcing

Because Den Apparel has a longstanding relationship with the most prominent fabric and accessory mills, we are able to provide the most up-to-date samples to our customers on short notice. After receiving our client’s specific request, we begin searching our database for a partner facility that can best serve their needs in both quality and output. To ensure your highest expectations are met, we utilize our in-house focus group to create counter samples that you can use to compare and evaluate the craftsmanship of your order sample. We have more than 30 years of production experience and are committed to commanding the best prices for our clients, without compromising on quality. Please reach out to our team with any questions or requests.


Proto and Salesmen Sample Preparation

Our team is committed to providing proto samples immediately upon receiving the technical details of each style. Each pattern is prepared by our partner factories or sent as customer CADs. We ensure you receive timely updates on fabric, fit, and technical developments while the proto samples are in progress. Immediately following our clients' approval of the initial proto samples we can begin preparation of the salesman samples with actual fabrics and colors. We pride ourselves not only on our technical expertise but also our expedient turnaround times.


Quality, Inline | Final Inspections

& Testing

We know the importance of quality in a globalized and competitive marketplace. As such, our experienced quality control staff inspects and tests each item at every stage of production. For bulk production fabrics and trims, we perform in-house wash tests before production cutting to ensure no unnecessary expenses are made late in the production process. Size sets are approved by our clients or our in-house team upon request. Daily “inline” and “final” inspections are carried out by our experienced quality control staff, and random garment wash tests are applied during various production stages to ensure quality. Shipment approval samples representing the bulk production are sent immediately after the final inspection is completed.


Production & Delivery Status Follow Up

To ensure your order is produced and delivered on-time we place special focus on developing a unique tasks-based timeline for each product in development. Our state of the art software allows unprecedented insight into the production process to prevent delays in shipment delivery, and to give you and your team peace of mind.

Shipment Monitoring & Documentation

We work both on “FOB” and “C+F” basis and negotiate the best transportation rates with the shortest transit times on your behalf. After approval of shipment samples, all the necessary documents are followed up by our staff, and shipment advice is sent to our customer immediately.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Den Apparel is committed to unwavering excellence in its corporate social responsibility. Labor standards, health and safety, environmental priorities, and business ethics come second to none for our team, and we are proud to exceed all industry standards.

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