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About Us

We specialize in high-quality garments for women, men, and children.

Den Dis Ticaret A.S., is a supplier, buying agent, and design office established in 1990 and located in Istanbul, Turkey. We specialize in high-quality garments for men and women and can help your business develop products from initial concept through post-production. Our research and development team works thoroughly to find unique fabrics and stay ahead of developing fashion trends. We utilize state of the art forecast publications from Europe and the United States to maximize the impact of your products, and our design team frequently takes part in international fashion shows to gain first-hand knowledge on where the markets are heading. Our manufacturing facilities are based in Turkey which allows our partners in Europe and the United States to avoid stock costs, and to take advantage of our express supply capabilities. Minimum orders typically range from 300-1000 units, depending on fabric and production minimums. Contact us today to see how Den-Dis can accomplish your production goals, on-time, and under budget.

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